Need a pro Kajabi Sales Page so you can launch like a confident Goddess? I gotchu!


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“Sarah swooped in and totally saved our bacon!”

Image of large rolls of paper leaning on white wall with words Launch Formula Blueprint™ on top

“With so many things going on behind the scenes of our business, my team and I just didn't have the bandwidth to be building out our sales page in time for the launch.

Sarah swooped in and totally saved our bacon, not only saving us HOURS of work, but also using her impressive knowledge of online sales & launching best practices to make some super important design decisions--things we honestly might have overlooked in our hustle!

Being able to check off this huge to-do in literally one day was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, and gave us room to focus on other important things leading up to our launch!”

—Paige Brunton,

Image of large rolls of paper leaning on white wall with words Launch Formula Blueprint™ on top

Hey there, I'm Sarah!

I’ve designed hundreds of high-converting sales pages for $MM campaigns at Microsoft, T-Mobile, and GoDaddy, and now I want to do the same for you.

For years I ran a side hustle helping female entrepreneurs look good online. After two decades in corporate, and a big health scare (I’ll save that story for another day), I quit my job so that I could help solopreneur coaches and service providers like YOU, full-time.

Now I’m bringing all my experience in design, copy, ux, and launches to the table to help you step fully into your role as CEO and own your time again!

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"Sarah was so easy to work with, got things done very quickly, and went above and beyond with every piece of it. We've never felt more prepared for a launch. We had our best launch ever with 25% increase in signups!"

- Jillian & Jordan, Loveleigh Loops


Recent Work

Note: some of these samples were from my old method of working. My new process is easier, faster, and more efficient — but just as gorgeous. You’re gonna love it!

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Website & Sales Page

iPad lying on wooden table with black and white cloth underneath, screen showing Year on the Wall sales page from Steph Crowder

Sales Page + Brand + Workbook

Image of computer screen on clean white desk with Loveleigh Loops Calligraphy website showing on the screen

Website & Blog Design

Image of iphone showing Grown Up Fired Up Cheer Camp branding colors and logos in a rainbow of shades, lying on a round wicker tray

Event Branding + Sales Page

Computer sitting on white desk with black accessories, screen showing the True Crime Connection website in black and red

Logo & Branding

iPad lying on white table with Apple Pencil lying next to it, screen showing homepage of Embrace Social U website with happy women displayed

Website Design

"It's the best money I have spent thus far in my business. Rather than spinning my wheels worrying about what people are experiencing when visiting my website, I now have a place I am absolutely ecstatic to send them AND it's working for me!"

- Emily Aborn, She Built This