Case Study: Sales Page Template Customization

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“We would absolutely recommend investing to work with Sarah for your next project!”


She is so pleasant to work with, and she absolutely blew our expectations out of the water on every front. We would not have changed a single thing about the way she managed the whole process, and we couldn't be more pleased with our finished sales page design!


-Paige Brunton,


Case Study Summary:


The Client:

Paige Brunton, of, is a Squarespace Expert and Online Educator, who over the span of just a few short years, enrolled 4000+ students (over $2 Million in sales) in her courses.

How I helped:

Paige was gearing up to launch a new program—The Course Launch Collective—and needed a sales page, FAST.

My Sales Page Template Customization VIP Day was the perfect solution to her needs!

“If you've been feeling even the least bit overwhelmed by the major to-do of designing a sales page, then go ahead and cross it off your list (and breathe a big sigh of relief) because Sarah has got it HANDLED!”

From Pre-Work to Delivery, my VIP Process was smooth and seamless…

Here's what Paige had to say about it:

"Sarah was so incredibly organized, making sure she had everything she needed from my team in advance so that when it came time for her to start the sales page design, it would be all smooth sailing!

She thought of EVERYTHING, laying it all out so clearly and conveniently for us, which made completing our "pre-project client homework" a breeze!

All this fabulous, proactive planning meant she was able to easily knock out a pretty massive project in just one day"

It’s all in the details

There are many micro-decisions that go into a sales page, even on template “refresh” projects where I’m not starting from scratch. Here are some details I added to make this landing page really shine…

Signature Image

In Paige’s Bio, she didn’t indicate the need for a “Meet Paige” image, but I know this looks great on sales pages so I found one that she had used elsewhere (in her Squarespace uploads) and added it here to personalize this section a bit more.

Typography & Copy Tweaks

I edited the copy to provide a stronger transition into the offer here, as well as using different header styles and typography techniques to emphasize the message and fit in with the overall page aesthetic.

Edits to Code

Paige had a small bit of existing code she used to highlight her experience and stats. I repurposed that code into an additional section to call out important stats for this new online course experience.

My process gets your page finished faster and without all the back and forth of traditional web design projects.

Here’s how it felt on Paige’s side:

“Sarah flawlessly brought our vision for our sales page to life, without the need for multiple rounds of revisions and edit requests from my team and I, like in traditional web design projects!

The biggest issue we've faced when outsourcing projects in the past is that we sometimes spend more time going back and forth trying to communicate what it is we want & need, that in the end, it actually would have been faster for us to just sit down and do the thing ourselves in the first place.

But Sarah gathered up everything she needed in advance to absolutely NAIL the design the first time!”

“It was wonderful to wake up to a beautifully laid out sales page on the exact date promised!”

“Sarah’s a super talented designer, perfectly capable of designing the thing from scratch, or using one of her own gorgeous template designs...but we really appreciated how willing she was to work with our pre-existing template, adapting it to fit perfectly with our new offer!”

-Paige Brunton,

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