8 Script fonts so good you'll pee your pants


If you’re looking for unique, drop-dead-gorgeous fonts to use in your designs, look no further! I put together a handy infographic at the bottom of this post (pin it for later!) for you to reference next time you get a hankering for some font love. 

The “rule” with fancy cursive letters and calligraphy fonts is to not use them in a huge paragraph. They’re meant to have big impact with only a few words. Then the accompanying text should be simpler and complement the script font. If you’re using a thick brushy script, then try pairing it with a thin sans serif. It’s all about the contrast!

Some of this typography is so beautiful, it’s seriously like a work of art, all on its own. You can type out “Love”, print it on a poster, cut it out of vinyl, or etch it into glass, or any number of other executions. It looks amazing without doing anything more. Of course it’s fun to add a little something extra like some splatter shapes, or swirly drawings or leaves – my signature move!

I try not to spend too much money on business supplies, but these fonts are worth paying for. They aren’t actually that pricey and Creative Market often has bundle deals that are irresistible, so definitely watch for those. The ones featured here are all sold on Creative Market and some of my links are affiliate links so I do receive a small commission (no extra cost for you) if you buy, but I only recommend things I love, and I have purchased and used several of these extensively for my own work. You can’t go wrong with lovely fonts like these. Ready? Feast your eyes….

1 Bonjour, by Nicky Laatz. This brush script font looks amazing with a watercolor effect on it. This is a personal fave of mine that I can't seem to stop using :-)

2 Catfish, by Groens. This one is so elegant and detailed. I feel like it has a history…a past. Not a sordid past, I hope, but definitely an interesting one. 

3 Butterscotch, by Nicky Laatz. This one is delicate with a hint of roughness around the edges. It looks like it came straight from the quill of some lady in her manor.

4 Carried Away, by Sweet Type. This one is so sweet (how apropos!), it’s youthful and pretty and full of life!

5 Octavia, by AF Studio. Octavia is a sexy lady of a font. She knows how great she looks and she wears her beauty effortlessly.

6 Heart and Soul, by Nicky Laatz. One of my all time favorites! For some reason all these fonts seem like women to me and this is no exception. Heart and Soul has a motherly feel. Like she’ll comfort you with her warm embrace.

7 Featherly, by Joanne Marie. What a charmer! Featherly is well named with wispy – but not weak – qualities, and lines that drift off a little bit. Like she’s slightly distracted, dreaming of something beautiful.

8 Amelia’s Quill, by Nicky Laatz. More quills at play! This one seems straight from a lively young poet who possibly lives across the way from the manor where Butterscotch resides. I’d like to think they meet up for walks through the hedge-maze, sharing daring secrets that would shock polite society.

And there you have it! These fonts were like a time machine that launched me back to my late teens and early 20s when I read way too many romance novels…if there is such a thing as “too many” romance novels. 

Do you use any of these fonts in your designs? Comment below with links to your work. I’d love to see!

Stay in touch. Hugs!