“If you’re currently on the fence on whether or not you should invest in Sarah’s services, I’m gonna tell you right now, Quit it…Just stop. Invest Now!

My experience [with Sarah] has been absolutely amazing. It took a lot for me to trust someone to up-level my brand and to demonstrate the level of excellence I wanted to provide and continue to provide for my clients.

Sarah completely put me at ease. She treated my experience with her designing my website as if it were her own.”

-Jasmin Haley, Nationally awarded speaker, podcaster, pro educator, and biz strategist, Jasmin Haley

“The best money I’ve ever spent in my business!

When I came to Sarah, I had created a website without too much thought while I launched my business. Sarah defined the look and feel, made it really user friendly, and it works as a sales page rather than just a pretty page out there on the internet! I highly recommend working with Sarah.”

-Emily Aborn, Owner, She Built This

“Best launch EVER w/ 25% increase in signups

Sarah was so easy to work with, got things done very quickly, and went above and beyond with every piece of it. We've never felt more prepared for a launch than we do now.

We had our best launch ever with 25% increase in signups due largely in part to Sarah’s help!"

-Jillian & Jordan, Loveleigh Loops

Headshot of Steph Crowder smiling at camera wearing sweatshirt with stars on it


The ideas she’s brought to the table. How she brings us through the process. And above all, how EASY it has been.

Her work is incredible and I’ve seen both behind the scenes of her magic from a coach AND client perspective over the years so I can confidently say she’s all that and a bag of chips.”

Jessica Rodriguez, True Crime Connection

Headshot of Steph Crowder smiling at camera wearing sweatshirt with stars on it

“Sarah helps entrepreneurs like me - with zero design background - feel more CONFIDENT when we have to show up in a big way.

I *can* spin up a graphic in Canva but feel pretty insecure about it because I can get to maybe like a C+ with a graphic.

And I'm busy! I have a podcast, a YouTube show, a customer training program with 300 people in it, and two kids … I have a LOT going on and I want to put my best foot forward with my graphics but I have no idea how to do that.

Having graphics that really catch people's attention actually makes me feel more confident as a course creator, business educator, and sales expert."

-Steph Crowder, Courage & Clarity

AUDIO TESTIMONY: Listen here (~15 min mark)

Headshot of Steph Crowder smiling at camera wearing sweatshirt with stars on it

“This Podcast Art & Promo Graphics are awesome! Way better than what we'd pull off!

Thank you!! I've really appreciated your flexibility and responsiveness :-)”

Jessica Eley, Jessica Eley (podcast)

Headshot of Anna and her partner from Genie Collective

“Sarah Guilliot is the BOMB.COM!!

She’s designed so many lovely things for both myself and my clients. I’m always amazed.”

-Anna Cragin, Geni Collective