Photoshop 101 Challenge

create your first Photoshop mockup :-)

( Adobe Photoshop CC required to do the challenge )

make your first mockup in this photoshop 101 challenge by sarahdesign

Scared of Photoshop? … Installed it and ran screaming from the room? :-)

Never fear, the PS 101 Challenge is here! I’ll show you the ropes from a total newbie perspective and walk you through getting in there and making your first Photoshop mockup. Watch the video below for a walkthrough. Then sign up!
Photoshop Mockups 101 for beginners. You CAN do it!

Bonus: Free Cut Files!

Bonus cut files in SarahDesign Photoshop 101 Challenge

How this challenge is a game changer for you:

photoshop 101 challenge photoshop mockup
  • You’ll create your very first mockup using stock photos – and free starter files from me

  • You’ll learn the minimum Photoshop tools that you need – not the overwhelming ALL of it

  • You’ll be totally comfy inside the PS interface – it won’t look like an alien landscape anymore…oh and you’ll be such a pro you can start calling it “PS” from now on ;-)

  • You’ll feel a growing confidence knowing YOU can use Photoshop

  • You’ll also become a newsletter subscriber with access to my weekly emails where I hook you up with curated content, news, tutorials, promotions, coupons, and the code to my Resource Library. Unsubscribe anytime!


Photoshop 101 Challenge - Make Your First Mockup Testimonials 1
Photoshop 101 Challenge - Make Your First Mockup Testimonials 2
Photoshop 101 Challenge - Make Your First Mockup Testimonials 3
photoshop 101 challenge stock photos

How it works:

  • Sign up for the challenge

  • Confirm your subscription to my newsletter and read the first email

  • Videos will be posted inside the course area each day January 14 - 18.

  • Watch for emails that week, reminding you to see the latest video lesson in the challenge

  • There will also be prompts inside the FB Group during that special live week 1/14-18

  • Do the assigned “homework” each day and report about your progress with screenshots/comments in the FB Group – I’ll set up special challenge posts for each day of the challenge for you to comment inside


You don’t need a whole lot in order to do this challenge. Just a few things…

  • Adobe Photoshop CC installed on your computer (there’s a free trial)

  • To be curious and open to trying new things!

  • Willingness to ask me for help if you get stuck - I love helping! (in the Facebook Group or over email)


Is the challenge available to join right now?

Yes! You can buy now, and the first lesson launches on January 14, 2019. All 5 lessons will be published each day that week.

I’m busy that week, can I still particpate?

Sign up and do the lessons later! There won’t be “live” interaction in the FB Group but you can still get so much value out of the Challenge. And you can reach out with questions any time.

What if I don’t have Photoshop installed?

You do need it to be installed for this challenge.

So pop over to to get it at the most inexpensive tier for $9.99/mo currently (affiliate link.) I won’t be able to troubleshoot your installation, but it’s very straightforward on the Adobe site.

What version of Photoshop do I need?

I created this challenge using the most current version (at the time) of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. So you will get optimum results using the same version. I can’t guarantee it will work in older versions or Photoshop Elements.

Head to to get it at the most inexpensive tier for $9.99/mo currently (affiliate link.)

Can I do the challenge if I have an older version of Photoshop?

I can’t guarantee that the lessons/files will work in older versions of Photoshop.

Can I do the challenge if I have Photoshop Elements?

I can’t guarantee that the lessons/files will work in Photoshop Elements

Do I need any Photoshop experience to do the challenge?

Nope, not a shred! I’ll give you an overview of the program tools and each task clearly explained and is small and totally achievable for complete beginners.

I don’t sell drinkware. Is this challenge still relevant to me?

Absolutely! I’m going to teach you about the Photoshop tools and interface, and how to create a simple mockup by adding text or a cut file to a photo. I have some recommended stock photos to try this on (beer, wineglass) but you can easily do the same process with wood signs, frames, t-shirts, etc. Feel free to use other photos for your assignments and ask for help if you get stuck!

How will I get help / ask questions?

There will be a dedicated post for each day of the challenge during the “live week” January 14-18, 2019, inside the Facebook Group where you will post your assignments and ask me questions if you get stuck. You can also just ping me over email if you get stuck (joining my newsletter makes it easy - just hit reply)

How do I join the Facebook Group

Request to join here (answer all the questions, and mention you joined the Photoshop 101 Challenge). If you aren’t on Facebook, you can do all the assignments on your own at home. And if you’re stuck, just email me like I mentioned above :D

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