6 Pretty Font Pairings for Your Next Silhouette Project

Earlier this year, in March, I had the honor of writing a guest post for Melissa Viscount on her website (one of my all-time-favorites!) The Silhouette School Blog. You can't throw a stone in any group of Silhouette Cameo owners and not hit someone saying "I learned to do that in Silhouette School!". Not that I throw stones at Silhouette owners ;-)

Anyhoo...I wrote a really fun post for her about font pairings...

Compound paths in Silhouette Studio

Today’s tutorial is all about “compound paths”. This is a fancy design term that is used in Silhouette Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, and dozens more programs, but most people haven’t heard of it. Basically what it is, is a way to take a shape or a letter and not have the middle be filled in. You might run into this when trying to cut a word that includes a letter that is hollow like a “D” or “O” (as opposed to a “T” or “S” for example that have no holes). You go in to weld it and the middle fills in. So frustrating! The trick there is...

Filling a page in Silhouette Studio

The “fill page” function is a super handy tool in Silhouette Studio, but what if you only want to fill a smaller shape? I do this all the time when creating sticker designs. I’ll make a rounded rectangle or two on my page, and fill that shape with the stickers I want to print and cut. But if you tell your design to fill the page, it fills the entire page and not the little rectangle shapes that you really want filled. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to fill a page vs. how to fill a smaller shape, as well as how to use the replicatealign, and distribute tools to your advantage.