How to Make a Realistic Shadow in Photoshop

Have you ever tried to make a mug mockup in Adobe Photoshop and spent time getting your vinyl decal or dye sub design onto the mug, put it in an amazing background where it looks like it's sitting on a table, and then the shadow ruined the whole thing? It looked super fake and maybe the mug even seemed to be floating in the image? I hate that! LOL :-)

Making a realistic shadow in a product mockup requires more than just using the drop shadow effect in the Photoshop layers palette. It actually requires a little observation about how shadows look in real life, and a few layers with some deftly applied blurring to really look convincing.

Why Photoshop is better for product mockups than Canva, PicMonkey, and Silhouette Studio

Today I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite topics...product mockups! You’d never have guessed, right? :-) I’ll compare Canva, PicMonkey, Silhouette Studio, and Photoshop to see which is the best for creating professional product mockups.

How do I resize my mockup for Etsy?

There are a few quick steps you’ll need to take to prepare your listing image for it’s eventual home – in this case, your Etsy shop. Once you get a lovely mockup purchased and downloaded and all set up (it’s like decorating a dollhouse – so fun!), then you need to think about saving the image to the correct size for where you’re going to use it. If it’s going on Instagram, it’s a square, and on Pinterest, probably a tall skinny image, but for Etsy there are some basic dimensions to keep in mind.