About Sarah

My high school art teacher used to always say to me, "Sarah, someday when you're an art teacher <blah blah blah>..." I'd stop listening at that point because I had always heard that old phrase "Those who can...DO. Those who can't...TEACH." So I was actually a little insulted that he was so sure I'd be a teacher someday. I was sure I'd be AN ARTIST. Little did I know how much my attitude would change!

When I went off to college I figured I needed to major in something "computer" related. You know, so I wouldn't starve :-) So one summer, I took a Photoshop class and was hooked! It was Photoshop 2.0 if you can believe that...not Photoshop Creative Cloud, not Photoshop CS2, no I mean Photoshop TWO DOT O! I'm really dating myself here - ha ha! In those days if you wanted a drop shadow on a word, you had to make a copy of the word in black and shove it behind the other word. If you wanted an outline you had to make a bigger, fatter, bolder word and shove that behind the other word. It's so funny to think about now. But Photoshop has been my constant loyal companion ever since!

I still didn't think of myself as an artist...I worked with computers. And I didn't think of myself as a teacher, because I was a perpetual student.

Over the years I've worked for some big corporate giants. I've learned to put my perfectionism aside and just get things done as accurately as I can, but FAST. I once had an assignment to create 500 graphics (in languages for all different countries) in 2 weeks. And I was working part time in that role so I really had to create 500 graphics in 40 hours. You better believe I learned some tricks those 2 weeks! Keyboard shortcuts, actions, and a solid image production framework were what got me through that project, and I've been a little bit obsessed (can you be a *little* obsessed?) with automation and production systems ever since. 

I've earned in the 6-figures designing shop landing pages, lead pages, purchase paths, ads, campaigns and so much more. I've worked on multi-million dollar campaigns, and brought in revenue upwards of 1 Million dollars. But I discovered that none of that is making me happy or fulfilled. What I truly enjoy, what I LOVE doing, is helping people ... teaching people.

Am I rambling? Ha! My point here is that I have empathy for people who are trying to learn how to use Photoshop, and design in general, or really anything they are trying to learn. I never ever want to make anyone feel foolish for not knowing something. No question is ever dumb in my book. Every question is valuable. And this is how I approach my teaching. My style is calm, encouraging, and patient, and I really can help you do this! So many people I talk to are intimidated by Photoshop. Photoshop is scary to most people. And I get that! It's a hugely powerful and complex program. So a lot of folks just end up getting by with Canva (which I love for many things, but doesn't replace Photoshop), or even paying for PicMonkey (awesome filters, but not the powerhouse that Photoshop is), when they know that Photoshop can do so much more for them. They just don't know how. Either because it's scary, or because they're busy...or both.

That's where I come in :D I'm here to help!

I've made a lot of friends with Etsy, Shopify, Facebook, and other online stores who sell glass and mirror products, personalized with etching or vinyl decals. And I noticed a real need in the community to get help with product photos to make their shops look professional, and convince customers to buy. Shiny glass things are hard to photograph :) 

It's time consuming to do your own photos and expensive to hire a photographer, or purchase all the gear. It also is a waste of materials to create every design idea imaginable when you don't have a customer lined up to purchase it. The solution; MOCKUPS!

Photoshop mockups are the best because of a special feature called the "smart object" which allows you to make your file into a template where you can easily put your design on an object and have it look right (perspective, roundness, light, shine), in seconds. You don't have to adjust every single new design you add, and you can automate saving it out in multiple ways all at once with scripts that are built right into Photoshop. It blows my mind. I LOVE the challenge of setting up systems to get things like this done for people. I don't want bad photography to scare your customers away. That's why I created a class to teach you how to do this all on your own!

So I hope you will put your trust in me, and check out my blog, my videos, my free e-course, and my Mockups for Makers online course. These skills will last you for many years to come. It's well worth the time and energy.