Guest Posting Rules

So you want to guest post on
Awesome! Here are some guidelines...


Your post should be well-written, detailed, and unique :-)

Post length should be 500 to 1000 words of really great content. If keeping content great means you can only fit in 450 words, that’s ok. The important thing is that the content is fantastic and fluff-free.

Keep it G-rated, I have lots of Moms in my audience

Try to keep it relevant to my audience (we’ll likely have discussed this already, just keep it top of mind as you write)

I reserve the right to edit to wording if needed (Not changing facts, just slight edits if needed. And I’ll let you know what I change)

I reserve the right to share the post or portions of it elsewhere (don’t worry I will credit you)


Don’t fill it chock full of backlinks, just one or two if it’s natural

If you link to another site that’s relevant to your topic, make sure it’s a trusted non-spammy one

You are welcome to link to the post from your own site, but no republishing the piece elsewhere


You are welcome to invite readers back to your site for an opt-in goody

If you do include an opt-in, use a text or graphic link, not a form that requires me to embed it


I don’t have a bio template but feel free to include a few sentences describing yourself and your expertise at the bottom of your post.


Please provide a pinterest-friendly blog graphic (I reserve the right to replace it with a different image)

Any imagery that you include should have a small line of copy on it that says <your name or website> for


Pinnable image: 800x1200

Other images in the post: try to keep them consistently sized in the post if possible. All square, for example at 800x800.