Quick Tip: Pop of Color on a Black and White Photo

Quick Tip: Pop of Color on a Black and White Photo

One way to make an image look more dramatic is to make everything black and white, except for the focal point. In this video and post, that is what I am going to show you. Enjoy!

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Duplicate your image

1) Duplicate Your Image.

You will begin by going into your layers palette and duplicating the background layer. You do this by dragging it down onto the little page icon at the bottom. For teaching purposes, we'll call this Layer one.

Desaturate layer one.

2) Desaturate Layer One.

Next, you will need to desaturate Layer one. That means you're going to turn it to black and white. To do this, click Image > Adjustments > Hue Saturation, and then drag the saturation slider all the way to the left. Now the top layer (Layer one) is black and white, and the bottom layer is color.

3) Create a Mask on Layer One and Cut Out the Focal Point.

Create a mask and cut out focal point

The next step is to make a mask on Layer one by clicking on the icon down at the bottom of the layers palette that looks like a square with a circle on it. When you hover over it, it will say “Add layer mask”.

When you click on it, a little white box will appear on that layer. Basically what is going to happen is you are going to cut a hole through this white box to reveal the colored layer underneath.

Select your brush tool and make sure that black is selected as the foreground color.

Next, make sure that the white box on the layers palette is still selected, and paint over the focal point on the image that you want to be colored. If you need to change the size of your brush, you can use the brackets on your keyboard.

So you can see this looks a little bit more dramatic and moodier than before. Hope you enjoyed that quick tip!