Insider Review of Damsel Goes Bare

Insider review of Damsel Goes Bare

In this post, I’m going to give you all the dirty details of what led me to purchase Damsel Goes Bare last year, what it was like on the “inside”, and why/how I invested in it when I felt like I couldn’t quite afford it.

There are affiliate links included (which help support my business at no extra cost to you) but only because I believe so much in this program. The value I got out of it was worth 3x what I paid, and I want you to have that experience too.

The "full" version is only available a couple times of year, but you can buy the "lite" version any time :D

How I discovered Damsel Goes Bare

When I was first ramping up plans for my business, I knew I wasn’t 100% legally protected. I set up my LLC practically from the beginning, but sadly I sat for a long time before getting the other pieces in place. Partly out of ignorance.

I didn’t know about legal requirements for my website

Did you know that you’re legally required to have a privacy policy on your website? It’s true! You can be fined a bunch of money for not having one.

When I first heard that in one of my entrepreneur groups, I searched Google and found an online tool that created a generic one for me, but I never felt good about it. I was always still so worried that it wasn’t enough. It never sat right with me! But I didn’t feel like I could ask my LLC lawyer because he didn’t specialize in online businesses and I didn’t want any misinformation.

Then I learned on a podcast about Lisa Fraley and Gena Shingle Jaffe and their online course called Damsel Goes Bare. Their service was intriguing and I was charmed by how they called themselves “sparkly lawyers”. I loved their friendly attitudes and solid knowledge of what legal documents online businesses need.

So I hopped over to the website to see how much it cost, and my heart dropped.

It was just shy of $2000 for the Full version of the course with live calls and a Facebook support group (those were critical components for me). Ugh. (Psssst! They have payment plans now!)

I wanted to sign up right away but there was no way at that time that I thought I could afford to drop $2k on a course, even if I was 100% sure it would provide me with everything I needed.

I sat on the idea for a YEAR.

Then I was listening to another podcast - yes I’m addicted to podcasts lol! - and they were on there doing an interview again. I thought “Oh man I still really want this!” But again that price tag felt so out of reach.

I didn’t feel like I needed it badly enough. Then something changed.

You see, in that time from when I first thought of my business and got my LLC (which cost a pretty penny on its own), I pivoted on my business idea probably FOUR times. I wanted to sell ebooks, then printables, then I wanted to teach online courses, then finally I wanted to make a membership site and stock photo library.

And when I made that first course I had a sneaking suspicion that I needed some legal docs in place but didn’t know where to start. So when I finally buckled down to create my membership, I found myself hesitating. I wasn’t jumping in with both feet and wholeheartedly creating and launching the thing because I knew that I was putting myself at risk by not having the right legal documents and legal setup for my online products and program.

I was afraid to invest in a high-end course when my business wasn’t profitable yet

So I tempted fate and attended a webinar about Damsel Goes Bare. It was amazing of course, and I was reminded how much I liked Gena and Lisa and how great the course sounded. The follow-up emails flowed into my inbox and on the last day of purchase I was so close to purchasing, but I hesitated because I thought my husband would freak out if I paid $2k on our credit card for a course. I thought “there’s no way he’ll understand why I need this”. Especially since I still wasn’t making a profit in my business yet.

I was in that awkward first stage where you know you need to invest to move your business forward and make money, but you haven’t made enough money to invest!

Then I got in an email conversation with Gena’s wife, Jordana, who was answering support emails. They actually do this...if you have hesitations, they’ll chat with you! And she talked to me about my hesitations and was not pushy AT ALL. She gave me options. She said that I could buy the “Lite” version of the course (without the Facebook group support...which was something I really needed) if I couldn’t afford the “Full” version, and then I could upgrade later when they reopened the cart. Handy! However, since Gena was pregnant and going on maternity leave, it might be a year or more before they’d have this deal again on the full version.

I was going to have to wait a year to get the full course and Facebook group, but I wanted to launch my online program right away.

I realized that I couldn’t afford to wait. I wanted to get my program going and get enrollments and that meant I needed people to agree to terms and conditions BEFORE paying for my courses and membership. I couldn’t wait a year to do this.

And I am full of questions so the Facebook support group and live calls were essential to me. So I said ok I’m doing it! I broke the news to my understanding hubby, broke out the credit card and signed up.

And you know what? It was worth every penny! A side effect of paying a lot of money for a course is that you are dedicated! (And they even have affordable payment plans now)

What it’s like on the inside

As I listened to the new lessons each week, I typed up enormous lists of questions and posted them in the Facebook group. If there was an award inside the course for most questions asked, I would have won! They were so long they required formatting, with all caps headers and numbered questions and bullets. (I can’t help it - I’m a designer ;-) Then on the live calls they answered every single one of my questions. I could have gotten on the phone during these calls and actually talked to them, but didn’t because...introvert lol

I was worried Lisa and Gena would be annoyed by my gazillion Qs but they never were. In fact they loved it! They said it made the calls more fun to have lots of questions to answer. Lisa, in particular, seemed to have a sixth sense about what I meant whenever I asked a convoluted question. (Love you girl!)

I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth out of that course after week one when there were still 5 weeks left to go!

The purpose of the course is to give you the information and documents you need to be legally protected. So you don’t feel scared all the time that you’re doing something wrong or are at risk for legal action against you. You come out of it with essential legal docs in place on your site, and in your program. And you LEARN!

I could probably research all this stuff and come up with my own contracts cobbled together from legal websites and Google but I’d never know what any of it meant. The beauty of the program and the Facebook group is you get to ask Lisa and Gena when you don’t understand something. And they explain it to you patiently, and directly so you see how it applies to your business and experience. You come away with more confidence and feel more peaceful and at ease.

Being in business is hard. Legally protecting yourself shouldn’t be.

Gena and Lisa are here to help you protect your biz booty!

If you have any questions about my experience with the program, feel free to hit me up on the contact form on my about page.