How to Size your Etsy Images Perfectly with the Ratio Tool in Photoshop

How to size your Etsy images with Photoshop Ratio tool. By

This is an updated version of my previous article, How Do I Resize My Mockup for Etsy, which featured one of my mockup files. So if you want to see those older instructions you can pop over there, but this new method is much improved!

Size matters when you’re creating images for your shop. So when you are creating your Etsy shop images you want to be sure your image fits into the view just right - goldilocks style ;-). And it couldn’t be easier inside Photoshop! So today I’ll show you how to size your images for Etsy using the Photoshop Ratio tool. Watch the video to see how.

Prefer to read the instructions? No prob! Just scroll down for the transcript.

Say you sell glassware for weddings. Most of your images will probably be tall. If you try to upload a tall image to Etsy, it's going to make you crop it. When it is cropped like this, your customers will still be able to zoom in and see the whole picture, but when they are surfing through Etsy, they are only going to see a cropped view. Not only could you lose valuable information or details that are on your image, but this will also deter many of your potential customers if they aren’t see all your most important image goodies, right there in that thumbnail view. No bueno!

So, how do you crop your Etsy image to the right size?

Ratio tool.

1) Use the Crop tool to get the correct ratio for Etsy.

Once you have opened your image in Photoshop, click on the Crop tool, which is the fifth tool down the toolbar (all the way to the left). If you like keyboard shortcuts, it is “C”.

Find the dropdown option that says “Original Ratio”. You will see several different options. Etsy’s image size is 5 : 4. Since that isn’t an option, choose 4 : 5. Your image will automatically be cropped to four across by five tall. Now you will want to flip that.

Next to the dropdown menu that you just used, look for the double arrows in between the four and five. Just click those arrows, and it will switch to five wide by four tall.

Now that you can see the Etsy size, drag the photo around using your mouse or the keyboard arrows until you get it exactly where you want it. You want to make sure that your product is showing completely in that window.

Ratio tool.

2) Make sure that the important information or details are not cut out.

However, if you happen to have some text or other important details somewhere on that image that are now cut out of view, you can move it so that it will show in the cropped image. To do this, hit escape, and then click on the Move tool (at the top of the vertical toolbar.)

Grab your text and drag it into the window where people will be able to see it. You may need to adjust the size or transform it (Command + T to transform) so that it fits better. Once you have it set up the way that you want it, you can go back to the Ratio tool. Because you've used the Ratio tool already, it will automatically return to your previous settings. Once you have it exactly where you want it, just hit “Return”, and it will finish cropping!

NOTE: At the top of the window, you will notice an option that says “Delete Cropped Pixels”. It should be left unchecked. That allows you to go back and adjust this crop again. If you check “Delete Cropped Pixels”, those pixels will be deleted and you can never get your original image back. So make sure that you leave that option unchecked!

BONUS NOTE: If you have the history pallete open (found under Window > History), you can undo any actions that you have taken.

Etsy Image Size

3) Set your image size to fit Etsy’s requirements.

To see your image size, at the bottom of the screen, you will see some text that says “Doc:…” That will show you the width and the height of your image. The minimum size for Etsy is 1500 pixels wide by any height. The maximum is 3000 pixels wide.

If you need to resize your image, go up to Image > Image Size, then change the width of your image to fit into that range of 1500-3000. The height doesn’t matter since you will be using the Ratio tool. (When resizing, make sure that you don’t make your image bigger - it will become blurry.) Set your screen resolution to 72. Once you’ve done that, click “OK”.

Click on the Crop tool, and again, move your image into the window the way that you like it, hit Return, and save your image.

So there you go! I hope you can see how easy it is to size things perfectly for Etsy using the Ratio tool!