How to install a font in Silhouette Studio

Have you ever bought a font online and tried to use it in Silhouette Studio but it didn’t show up there? You’re not alone! I see questions like this all the time:

Help! I just downloaded a font, but it's not showing in Silhouette - what do I do?

I just bought a font, but I'm a beginner with Silhouette and don't know what to next to get it to work for my designs!

The good news is that it’s not hard to make this work, you just need a few instructions and will be pulling your downloaded fonts into the Silhouette application in no time! I put together this quick video showing how I install a font on my Mac and use it in Silhouette. Take a look and let me know if this helped you!


Hey guys, this is Sarah from Today, I want to show you how you can install a font to use in Silhouette Studio. I opened up Silhouette and I had typed in the word “Hello.” I didn’t really like my options available to me in the font style window. If I double click and highlight the word “Hello” and I go over into the right column where it says TEXT STYLE, I can see all my options for fonts. I can click through Abadi, Adobe Fangsong, Alex Brush. Not really happy with any of these.

I had downloaded some fonts earlier, and I’m going to install one of those which looks really, really cool. I’ll go ahead and save my file because the process of installing a font requires you to restart Silhouette. I’ll Save As and just save this to my Desktop, call it “Hello,” and hit OK. Then close Silhouette.

Navigate to your newly downloaded font folder, and you’re going to find the .otf file and double click on that.

That pops open a little dialog box to show you a little preview of what Caraka looks like. In the bottom right, it says Install Font. Click on that, and then your font book automatically opens and shows you that Caraka has been added. You can close your font book by clicking in the upper left corner on the red X.

Now on your desktop, double click that “Hello” file that you created earlier. Once that’s opened, you can click on your word “Hello.” Go over into TEXT STYLE. We can type in C-A-R and then it pops down the list to where Caraka is.

Now, click to select that, and it has been applied. I can click off to deselect. Cute font right?

It’s pretty easy.

The trick is you have to restart Silhouette!

That’s a problem that a lot of people run into as they download and install a font and they have Silhouette open the entire time; they’re like “Where is it? It didn’t work. It’s not installing.” They don’t understand how to fix that. Now you know the trick.

Grab your checklist so you have these instructions handy when you need them...

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