How do I resize my mockup for Etsy?

How to resize your Etsy listing image mockup in Photoshop - by

Note this article was updated in 2019 in a new post: How to Size Your Etsy Images Perfectly with the Ratio Tool in Photoshop.

There are a few quick steps you’ll need to take to prepare your listing image for it’s eventual home – in this case, your Etsy shop. Once you get a lovely mockup purchased and downloaded and all set up (it’s like decorating a dollhouse – so fun!), then you need to think about saving the image to the correct size for where you’re going to use it. If it’s going on Instagram, it’s a square, and on Pinterest, probably a tall skinny image, but for Etsy there are some basic dimensions to keep in mind. Often I see shops creating an image that is kind of tiny, and then if a shopper clicks on the little magnifying glass in Etsy to see the image larger, it pops open in a little window but it is still tiny! The really polished shops create larger designs so they look beautiful at the small size, but the you can view them really big too. That’s what I’m covering in today’s post. You’ll learn an idea size to use for your Etsy listing and how to modify your mockup (works with any file, really) to fit that size.

Check out the video for a walkthrough, or scroll down to the transcript below. If you find this useful or have any questions or just want to say hi, drop a comment in the box at the bottom of the post. I love hearing from you!


Hey everyone, this is Sarah from

I want to show you very quickly how you can take a layered Photoshop file and re-size it so that you can use it for your Etsy listings.

You can see here I have one of my Photoshop mock-up designs. If I go up to Image, Image Size, and I can change it from inches to pixels. It’s 1920px wide by 1103px tall. The resolution is 72, which is what you always want for the internet.

We want to make an image that’s 1000 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall, because that’s a safe image size to use for Etsy. We go up to File, New, and we’ll change width to 1000, change height to 800. Hit okay. This is going to be our new document size.

Go back to the original. We want to Select All and then Edit. We don’t want to say Edit, Copy, though. That will just copy the layer that you’re looking at right now, so you might just get the background and you wouldn’t get the wine glass with a flower in your image. The trick here is to go to Copy Merged, and that basically takes a picture of your file as if all the layers have been flattened.

Then go over to our tab to our new image and you want to hit Edit, Paste. Make sure to have the arrow tool selected. We’re going to drag this over till it’s in a good spot where we like it. It doesn’t look quite right, you can hit Command T for transform. Go up to the corner and hold down shift option which constrains it to the center. You can show a little bit more of the table, makes it more interesting. Then double click in the middle and it applies your action.

There you go, that’s your new image size. You can save it out and upload it to Etsy, and you’re good to go.

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