Filling a page in Silhouette Studio


The “fill page” function is a super handy tool in Silhouette Studio, but what if you only want to fill a smaller shape? I do this all the time when creating sticker designs. I’ll make a rounded rectangle or two on my page, and fill that shape with the stickers I want to print and cut. But if you tell your design to fill the page, it fills the entire page and not the little rectangle shapes that you really want filled. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to fill a page vs. how to fill a smaller shape, as well as how to use the replicatealign, and distribute tools to your advantage. These are awesome time savers. No need to duplicate each shape one by one and painstakingly drag copies into position! Check it out in the video below.


Today I’m going to teach you about a neat function in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition where you use the replicate window to fill your page with a design.

I’m also going to teach you how you would do that differently if you were just filling a small rectangle with that design.

Go into your library and grab a design/shape. I grabbed this cute butterfly. If I want to fill this whole 8 1/2 by 11 sheet with that butterfly automatically, I just click on the Replicate icon, which looks like a little flower.

At the very bottom of the Basic Options, right above Advanced Options, there’s a button that says Fill Page. 

Click that and it automatically fills your page. Cool, right?

But what would you do if you were going to make it a sheet of stickers and you didn’t want to use the entire 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper for your cut-out sticker sheet?

For example, if you were going to use registration marks, those take up some space on your page. You really only have this white area to work in.

And what if you were making a rounded rectangle for your sticker sheet and you want to fill the sticker sheet with this butterfly. You’re not going to be able to hit fill page, because it’s still going to fill the entire page. It’s not going to just fill the smaller sheet that you want it to fill.

To do it by hand, you just select the butterfly and duplicate it a couple times. You can hit individual Duplicate Rights. Or you can go down and click where it says Row of Three, and it will duplicate two more next to it.

That’s a fast way to do it. I’m going to scoot the butterflies around so that they are even. I want to make sure this space just inside of this rounded rectangle is consistent all the way around. Basically I want to have a certain amount of space that looks the same to the right of the butterfly as it does to the left of the other butterfly.

Then I’m going to shift + click to select all three, go up to Align and hit Space Horizontally, and now they’re spread out perfectly.

I’m going to hit Command + G to group the butterflies. Then back to Replicate. I’m going to make a column of four because I think four will fit in there.

It looks like it’s going to fit in there really nicely. If it’s not aligned exactly how I think it could be, just scoot one row up. Again, shift + click to select all of them, go to align, and hit space vertically. I can group them now and they’re sitting in there just right, looking very professional!

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if there are other things that you want to learn about the Silhouette software and about mockups, of course, which are my specialty. As I learn little tips and tricks inside Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I’ll share those.

If you want to learn some mockup design essentials, head over to my classroom and you can see what I’m teaching there in terms of how to create beautiful product listing images for your shop, like on Etsy or other places that you might sell.

Again, I hope that you enjoyed this and that it was helpful. Hope to hear from you. Happy selling!