Creating a Watermark in Photoshop with the Logo Brush

Creating a watermark in Photoshop with the logo brush.png

If you’re looking for a quick way to add some branding to an image, then dropping your logo into it is a great option. Some people refer to this as “watermarking” your image, though actual watermarking typically has text or a logo quite large, and right across the middle of your design…. It’s pretty intrusive and the idea is that people can’t steal your design if it’s there. But I recommend you go with a subtler approach on these and just add your logo in the corner or off to the side, if you want to add it at all.

Normally, you would just open a logo image from a saved file and place it into the image that you are trying to brand. But there's another faster way to save your logo for watermarking across lots of images, right inside Photoshop. The most efficient way to do this is to save it as a brush preset. In this post and video, I’m going to show you how!

Prefer to read the written instructions? No prob! Just scroll on past the video!

1) Open your logo and change it to black.

Open your logo and change it to black

Start by opening your logo in Photoshop. You will want to change it to black. To do this, click Image > Adjustments > Threshold, then just drag the slider until it’s black.

2) Save your new brush.

Next, click Edit > Define Brush Preset. It will prompt you to give the new brush a name. Give it an appropriate name, and click OK.

3) Stamp your image with the logo brush.


Go back to your photo. Open up the layers palette and create a new layer. This is where your watermark is going to go.

Select the brush tool, and it should already have the last brush that you created, which should be your logo. (Note: If, at a later point, you want to find that brush, open up your brushes palette, and then scroll to the bottom of the list, and you will find the last brush that you saved.)

Move your brush to the spot that you would like for your logo to be, make sure that it is sized correctly. The brush will use the foreground color, so make sure that your foreground color is the color that you would like. Once you have it the size and color that you’d like, just click!

4) If desired, change the opacity on your logo.

Change the opacity on your logo

If you want to make the image a little more see-through, or subtle, then just slide the opacity adjustment on the layer so it’s more transparent.

There you have it! Easy peasy! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please reach out if you have any questions.