How to Make a Realistic Shadow in Photoshop

Have you ever tried to make a mug mockup in Adobe Photoshop and spent time getting your vinyl decal or dye sub design onto the mug, put it in an amazing background where it looks like it's sitting on a table, and then the shadow ruined the whole thing? It looked super fake and maybe the mug even seemed to be floating in the image? I hate that! LOL :-)

Making a realistic shadow in a product mockup requires more than just using the drop shadow effect in the Photoshop layers palette. It actually requires a little observation about how shadows look in real life, and a few layers with some deftly applied blurring to really look convincing.

Help! Someone is Stealing My Designs! 3 Things to Know About Copyrights

It is SO frustrating when you spend time and effort on creating your beautiful and unique vinyl and etching design, and then see someone blatantly stealing it and selling it. I often wondered what you can really do when this happens. Thankfully, Joey Vitale over at Indie Creative Law knows all about this and graciously wrote the guest post below to help us out.

6 Pretty Font Pairings for Your Next Silhouette Project

Earlier this year, in March, I had the honor of writing a guest post for Melissa Viscount on her website (one of my all-time-favorites!) The Silhouette School Blog. You can't throw a stone in any group of Silhouette Cameo owners and not hit someone saying "I learned to do that in Silhouette School!". Not that I throw stones at Silhouette owners ;-)

Anyhoo...I wrote a really fun post for her about font pairings...

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

I'm thrilled to share this guest post by my friend Brie Beeks who is an expert in social media marketing. I hope you find her info as awesome as I do! Here she is...

Hello, everyone at! My name is Brie and I’m the gal behind I specialize in business strategy and social media marketing. Thank you so much for having me! I can’t wait to unload all of my secrets on how to automate your social media marketing so that you can focus on your business.