Black Friday 2018

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50% OFF courses
(Nov 23-30)

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  Mockup Social Course 50% off  (regularly $97, now $48.50!)

Mockup Social Course 50% off (regularly $97, now $48.50!)

  Clothing Mockups Course 50% off  (regularly $47, now $23.50)

Clothing Mockups Course 50% off (regularly $47, now $23.50)

  Digital Flipbook 50% off  (regularly $47, now $23.50)

Digital Flipbook 50% off (regularly $47, now $23.50)

50% off Etsy shop

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Business Resources

Photoshop (Photography plan) Black Friday Sale!

This is the plan I use! Click the sentence below to get to the page. I’m not sure how long the sale will last, so check it out!

Or get Photoshop on Amazon

If the sale above is over, there’s another cool way to get it cheaper. If you have been given Amazon gift cards, you can purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1 year subscription, and use your gift cards to offset the cost! :-)

ConvertKit Education

If you bought the Creator Starter Kit, above, then you might also be looking for more guidance on the platform. I have just the right person to help guide you! Check out ConvertKit Club, a community built by one of my favorite online mentors, and certified ConvertKit professionals, Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard. I’m in CK Club and you can be too! Check out her Beginners Guide Freebie first if you want to see how awesome she is :-)

Teachable Online Course Platform

Want to create your own courses? I know the feeling! If you don’t snag the Creator Starter Kit above, which includes 90 days of Teachable, then you can snag it independently, right here! This is the course platform that I use and recommend. I love it!

Maker Blanks and Goodies

Swing Design

Here are a few of my favorite products they sell:

Brush Lettering Bootcamp

Join the bootcamp before it’s too late! It’s taught by my friends, Jillian and Jordan (Adorable twins, also known as "J2"). It’s a 6 week coaching course, and it's AMAZING. They are so talented, I can't even express how awesome these girls are. You can see all their fun and creative courses on their school page but the November–January bootcamp is the one you want to get in on as a newbie!

What makes J2 so special is they understand the value of learning the fundamentals of calligraphy first. Once you get those steps down then you are set up for success when you want to do the fancy stuff like bounce lettering and flourishes. I'm going to do the lessons too - we can compare before and afters!